Primary School Teachers Promotion as per Seniority Rules 2014 Punjab

Letter regarding Primary School PSTs Teachers Promotion as per Seniority Rules 2014 Punjab by the Punjab government school education SED department dated Lahore 21st May 2019.

It is coordinated to allude to the subject referred to over 2. I am additionally coordinated to express that objections are being gotten from educators that the advancement against a post (Elementary School Teachers) having distinctive Seniority-records has not been set up according to School Education Department Punjab (School Education) Service Rules-2014 3. In the Districts. the advancement against Seniority records for the posts (ESTs) are being framed for EST (SC), (Math), EST (Urdu), EST (Eng.) and EST (General) and in certain areas, two position records are readied for example one for EST (SC-Math) and one for EST (Arts) This separation has made an unbalanced circumstance in the regions and furthermore distress among the educators

4. according to the Punjab School Education Department (School Education) Service Rules. 2014 the post of Elementary School Teacher is to be filled as under –

I. half by beginning enrollment (a) 60% for Elementary Teachers (Science and Math), and (b) 40% for a post of EST (Arts) and

II. half by advancement based on position cum wellness (a) 60% for the posts of Elementary Teacher (Arts), and (b) 40% for the posts of EST (Science and Math) from among Primary School Teachers.

5. It is elucidated above that the seniority lists (These are two) are obligatory to be set under the Rules discussed. EST (SC-Math)  which is one post and EST (Arts) is there another post.

Primary School Teachers Promotion

Primary School Teachers Promotion as per Seniority Rules 2014 Punjab

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