Revision of Recruitment Rules 2019 of Various Ministerial Posts Federal Govt.

Notification No 1/4.2019-R-V regarding Revision of Recruitment Rules 2019 of Various Ministerial Posts Federal Govt. by GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN CABINET SECRETARIAT ESTABLISHMENT DIVISION dated the 24 May 2019.
The undersigned is directed to refer to Federal Public Commission’s F.No.17-20/2017-RR, dated 15th April 2019 (enclosad) therein it has been stated that each year a significant number of posts remain vacant /unfilled due to non-availability of suitable candidates from respective quotas and fields of education. The Commission has further noticed that the personal hearings of the candidates who file representation against rejection of their candidature on account of net meeting the advertised qualifications that the recruitment rules of various MINISTRIES/DIVISIONS/DEPARTMENTS were either outdated or were not aligned with the new qualification of closely related disciplines/degrees available in the markets. The Commission feels that we lose good talent available in the market due to the weaknesses in the existing recruitment rules.
2. Further, the Commission has also informed that to facilitate the process of aligning Recruitment rules with the latest national qualifications titles/standards. FPSC has prepared a “Booklet on qualifications/ titles / Nomenclatures academic degrees as offered by HEC recognized universities of Pakistan” This information is based on the Higher Education commission’s Pakistan Qualification Register. The purpose of this initiative is to consolidate all available degrees at various academic levels (PhD. MPhil, MS. MSc. M.A. BS. BSc. BA, etc) in all disciplines/ fields of education being offered by HEC recognized universities. Besides this, it is also important to consult HEC “National qualifications framework of Pakistan 2015,” which specifies criteria for the use of Titles/ nomenclatures for different academic & professional degrees. Both the documents are available/ accessible on the FPSC website and also attached for ready reference for preparation/ revision of recruitment rules.
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3. In view of the above all Ministries/Divisions/ Departments are advised to revisit/ update their respective recruitment rules by including the latest qualification, disciplines and fields of experience required to perform the job relating to the posts of their Ministry/Division/ Department in light of above mentioned documents preferably before, 30th lune, 2019 and to process the concurrence of the commission through establishment division.

Revision of Recruitment Rules 2019

Revision of Recruitment Rules 2019 of Various Ministerial Posts Federal Govt.

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