Decision regarding Madrassas in Pakistan Education Ministry

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A decision regarding Madrassas in Pakistan under the Ministry of Education
Rawalpindi (Urdu Point latest newspaper, April 29, 2019): All the madrassas in the country were decided to bring in a national stream. DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor said in a press conference that all the madrassas have been decided to undermine ministry education. The number of madrassas in Pakistan in 1947 was 247, in 1979 and 1980 in 2861.
Decision regarding Madrassas in Pakistan
Since now, their number has reached 30 thousand since 1980, the number of people who promoted inflammation was 0.5 percent. After The Afghan war, madrassas were opened in Pakistan. There are three types of madras throughout the country. Seventy percent of the seminars are where every student is spending a thousand rupees monthly. Each seminary should have four to six teachers. He said that 25 million Pakistani children are outside the schools.

Decision regarding Madrassas in Pakistan Education Ministry

25% of madrassas are where every student gets three to four thousand rupees monthly expenses. And there is 5 percent whose infrastructure is good and they spend monthly than 15 to 20,000 per student. There are also students from the US in such madras. Teaching eight years here, some instructors also give basic education, but then they teach teaching lessons.
There are many madrassas who are giving regular education to the metric. But now there is modern education. Therefore, the scholars also agree that modern education should be given in all the seminaries. As far as they are about their own curriculum. So, Prime Minister Imran Khan made a committee that will create a curriculum. Under which madrassas will continue to run. But there will be no hate speech in the curriculum.
The Army Chief also says that there is nothing left behind and the other is not compulsion, the curriculum of the madrasas will be included in some curriculum to be honored in the curriculum of the seminary, along with the ministry of the education committee, The curriculum will make more changes in the curriculum, in which these children will get a degree so that when people readout of the seminaries, they have the same opportunities for the rest of the children to have.

Madrassa Student in Army Commission:

He further said that there are more than thirty thousand madrassas in Pakistan. Where 35 million children study. So, a student from Jamia Rashidi also received a commission in the Army. Because he had completed the merit. But such children are very few.
However, after completing education in eight years of seminary, they get a Mufti title for two years, but it is about to think that when millions of children get out of these madrassas, what opportunities do they have? Because they are studying religion, so they only receive education in religion.
But do not they have any right to become a doctor, engineer, lawyer, anchor, or reporter or come to the army. It is possible only when they include curriculum in addition to religion.
Lastly, all the madrassas were operating under the Ministry of Industry for the last several years. But now decided to bring Madrassas under the Ministry of Education. So, all the madrassas had decided to bring them to the mainstream.

A decision regarding Madrassas in Pakistan under the Ministry of Education

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