Clarification New Pension Rules 2019 about Liberalization


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Clarification No FD.SR-III-4-471/2014(Prov.) regarding new Pension Rules 2019 by governmen1 of the Punjab finance department Dated Lahore, 28th February 2019.
All Administrative Secretariat to Government of Punjab 2 Tito Secretary to Governor of Punjab. The Secretary to Chief Wealth, Punjab, Lahore 4 the Military Secretary to Governor. 6 All Commissioners in Punjab All Deputy Commissioners in the Punjab 7 All Attached Departments heads, in Punjab. Registrar, LHC. Lahore. 9 All-District Session-Judges in the Punjab 10. The Secretary, Punjab Public Service Commission. Lahore the Secretary. Punjab Provincial Assembly Lahore 12 the Secretary. Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority. The government of the Punjab 13 the DG Audit-Accounts Works. Lahore. the Inspector Chief of Accounts Treasuries Punjab. & the Director Provincial  Local-Fund & Audit, Punjab Chief-Pilot, Lahore VIP Flight.

Clarification New Pension Rules 2019 about Liberalization

I am affected to refer to this Department s circular saner of even number, dated 1 l’ September 2015 (copy enclosed) A question has arisen that when a pensionary husband or wife dies and subsequently living family pensioner also dies then how could the family pension be claimed by an unmarried daughter i.e. either of father or mother (who was also a retired government servant) 2 The matter has been examined in the Finance Department It is clarified that an unmarried daughter/any other eligible family member will have the option to draw only one family pension, i.e. either of his/her/their mother or father, whichever is more beneficial
Copy forwarded to 1. The Accountant General Punjab, Lahore. Officer, Lahore. 2. All-District Accounts Officers in Punjab. 3. Treasury office Lahore.


Clarification New Pension Rules 2019


Clarification New Pension Rules 2019 about Liberalization Punjab Government

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