Rationalization of Teaching Posts under Punjab Govt School Education

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Rationalization of Teaching Posts has announced under the Punjab Govt School Education department. It is forcibly transfer of teachers.
School Education Department Punjab Government has issued a Notification regarding Teaching Staff Rationalization on 12-09-2018.

rationalization of teachers in Punjab 2020:

The teaching staff rationalization was complete in 2013 as per the Re-allocation policy of Teaching Posts. This was an order No. SO (SE-II1) 5-49/2013 on 24.06.2013. The rationalization of teaching staff has started on the enrollment 31-10-2018. So, the data from the districts have calculated now for further process in the future.
In addition, this Department’s letters of even No. dated 24.06.2013, 21.03.2014 and 03.04.2014, on the subject cited above.
2. In other words, the  Punjab govt will adjust surplus available ESTs with incumbents in Mid’elle, High and Higher Secondary Schools, having numbers of vacant posts of ESTs as per workload/policy.
However, the equivalent number of vacant posts of ESTs available in these schools will be shifted to the surplus pool at the district level.
3. Similarly, The surplus Elementary School Teachers (ESTs), if not yet been adjusted in Middle, High, and Higher Secondary Schools, then govt will adjust them in Primary Schools as under:
i. Having more than the enrollment of 20 but functioning without teachers;
ii. Functioning with the single teacher having enrollment more than 40;
iii. Functioning with two teachers having enrollment 90 or above; and
iv. As per STR understaffed Centre Primary Schools.
At last, in case of adjustment of two or more interested surplus EST incumbents, competing against one post in the primary school, then govt will prefer the senior-most among them. Further, the govt will adjust male surplus ESTs in Boys Primary Schools and female surplus ESTs in Girls Primary Schools and Model Primary Schools.
Teaching Posts Rationalization
Punjab Govt School Education Announce Teaching Posts Rationalization
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