Transgender Students Special Instructions School Education Department Punjab


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School Education Department Punjab Government has issued a Notification about Special Instructions for Transgender Students on 08-08-2018.
Subject: Special Instructions Regarding Transgender Students

With a specific end goal to perceive or ensure the privileges of transgender youngsters in Pakistan under the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act-2018 Act No. XIII of 2018 it is prompted that the accompanying directions be seen by the School Administration while managing Transgender Children: –
1-They should be dealt with on rising to the premise and in the Column of sexual orientation, their genuine status (Transgender) might be specified at the season of confirmation.
2-During Annual Enrollment and Retention Campaign, rise to significance might be given for Boys, Girls and Transgender keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish 100 % Enrollment and Retention targets.
I am, thusly, to ask for you to guarantee usage of the above headings/guideline in letter and soul in all Government and Private Education Instructions in Punjab.

This might be dealt with on Top Priority.
Special Instructions School Education
Transgender Students Special Instructions School Education Department Punjab

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