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Accountant General Notification School Education Teachers Upgradation

Mercifully allude to the Govt. the Punjab School Education Department Notification No.SO(SE-1105-11/2016, dated 25.09.2017.
2. It is presented that the next may sympathetically be cleared up: - 3. a) The SST instructors have conceded two augmentations in their particular pay scale according to Para (iii) of the letter on the same page. it might be cleared up whether these additions should likewise permissible to the SST educators who are drawing their compensation at the most extreme of the Pay Scales as the Special Increment conceded on 01.12.2007 by the Govt. of Punjab was not conceded to those educators who were drawing their compensation at the most extreme of the compensation scales.
4. b) What will be the status of two propel augmentations to the SST instructors who are conflicting with the post of Assistant Education Officers and furthermore drawing Inspection Allowance @Rs. 25,0001-P.M.
5. c) Whether the term utilized as a part of all classifications for PST and SST incorporates the accompanying assignments i.e. Senior Teachers. Professional Teachers, Physical Education Teacher, DM, At OT. S.V., English Teacher, Senior Science Teacher, Junior Teacher, I.T, Teachers, Computer Science Teacher,
6. You are asked for to manage this office as quickly as time permits,
Accountant General Notification

Teachers Upgradation dated 25-09-2017:
No. S.O(SE-III)5-11/2016 is issued by Secretary School Education Government of the Punjab School Education Department dated 25-09-2017 in regards to up-degree of Punjab Teachers (PSTs, ESTs, and SSTs)
The legislative leader of Punjab has been satisfied to affirm the accompanying in the unwinding of the prohibition on up-degree of posts:-
             Primary teachers BS-09 are overhauled from BS-09 to BS-14.
             Elementary teachers BS-14 are likewise redesigned from BS-14 to BS-15. Those effectively working in BS-15(personal) are moved up to BS-16(personal) while those working in BS-16(personal) are allowed two yearly additions in the important pay scales
             Secondary teachers are granted two yearly augmentations in the applicable pay scales.
             The elevate and upward portability bundle as of now granted vide warning No. SO(SE-III)2-16/2007 dated 24-09-2007, 06-11-2009 and 15-02-2013 should stand stopped w.e.f 01-01-2018.
             This upgradation/allow of additions will be compelling from first January 2018.
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A duplicate is sent for data and vital activity to:-
1.            The Accountant General Punjab Lahore.
2.            All the District Accounts officer in Punjab.
3.            The Principal Secretary to Chief Minister Punjab Lahore.
4.            The Personal Secretary to serve for school training Punjab Lahore.
5.            The Personal secretary to boss secretary Government of the Punjab Lahore.
6.            All magistrates in Punjab
7.            All the delegate officials in Punjab
8.            The Director Public Instructions (SE/EE) Punjab Lahore.

School Education Teachers Upgradation
Accountant General Notification School Education Teachers Upgradation